camping trip with my boyfriend

so this week i start work and on the weekends i have work off and i was to go camping with my boyfriend. we were gonna buy a tent and mattress off amazon and put it in the bed of his truck or in the back seat and the tent and we were going to have a nice weekend but my mom can’t know i’m going with him. we have sex and his mom knows but hasn’t talked to him about it, she just found the condom boxes. so we were going to have a nice weekend and he’s never drank or done anything before and i was gonna bring a 6 pack of mikes and he said maybe he would have some. and a cooler with music and a fire for s’mores and we were gonna have sex but i’m scared of bugs. so anyway i need help. what do i tell my mom and family where i’m going and how do i avoid spiders and bugs during sex. i’m also on my period right now.