Does distance make the heart grow fonder? Honest opinion

So my boyfriend and I did something really really stupid. We both made a bet to see if we can go "12" days without each other. We were joking about and then he got serious and ended up making a promise he wouldn't message me until August 1st. This is making me paranoid. Todays the second day we havent spoken and its really upsetting me. I broke down and messaged him but he hasn't messaged me back. I'm afraid he will learn to "live" without me in the sense that he wont miss me as much as he used too. Im afraid this stupid bet will break us apart or even make him realise he is better off without me. Clearly I cant even go 2 days without messaging him 😅

I dont know what to do or where to vent!! 2 days already feels like a year! I cant imagine the next 10!!!!

Also whats the longest you and your partner havent spoken? Do you think this stupid bet will break us? Or make him miss me more??

Im really upset and I bombarded him with messages yesterday but hes blocked me off everything except facebook (as that was part of the "ohh u will never be able to block me for this long" bet)

Its upsetting me that he can even go 2 days without messaging me 😅😅