My Unbeleivable (pending Ex) bf


Please don’t criticize me too harshly, this is my first post. But I am just so distraught, emotional and confused by this recent situation between my bf and I. So our relationship started out in a rough patch because he was trying to get on his feet after a few traumatic losses. I took this chance because my friend and I were talking about how is as women expect men to have everything together and have things to off us without considering what we might have to offer in return. But things started going along well. We moved in together and I took a leap of faith with that decision too because I had a lot of support behind it from my family and all that. And he really treats me great, like a princess. I’m talking baths when I come home from work, with breakfast (I work over night) he’s super supportive, very compassionate and gentle, we worked well together and were understanding to each other. There has been talk about marriage a few times too and it was something I could actually see that with each other. We went to church together and he came up with dates for us to go on. He was very thoughtful of me. We’ve had fights of course and some of them were big fights. I’ve slapped him before because he’s talked about something that was super sensitive to me and he knew it was but I guess he didn’t think it was slap worthy sensitive. He’s also taken an argument way too far and he was driving my car and he slammed on breaks and got out and started walking. And I let him. I went right on home and he called me later to pick him up when he cooled off. This recent fight just came from anger and frustration that’s been accumulating because every got laid off and was having trouble finding a stable job other than temp jobs. We went to go see the New Lion King and I heard him say a couple of curse words and I said there’s children around. When we got back into the car I just reiterated what I was saying because he tried to say kids know what curse words are and not only were we around kids but we were with our church group too. And he said he didn’t say any curse words and went on about how I criticize him and this that and the other and I told him that if I don something he doesn’t agree with he voices his opinion, that’s what we do and we try to see it from each other’s side but this time he took it on and on. And he was getting us lost on our way home. And when I told him he missed the turn, he said l should have been telling him where too go but previously he said he knew where he was going. I told him to let me drive and he said no because he knew where he was going. We went back and forth till I got out of the car at a red light and insisted on walking because I was heated and I needed to get some air and take a walk. So then he started telling me to get in the car while driving beside me and I refused. And then we started going back and forth again and a cop who I believe just got off work happened to spot us and he asked if everything was ok and then my bf yelled at him “for getting in our business” and i didn’t want anything to pop off. Just because that cop was in his civilian car doesn’t mean he couldn’t have shot him if he felt threatened. On our way home I still wanted to go for a walk and just clear my head and my bf got mad and stopped the car about two block from the apartment, threw water on me and walked the rest of the way. I got in my car and left and before I knew it I was on the interstate going home, 2 hrs south of where I live. I had been trying to get him to talk about his feelings since he lost his job and he didn’t, he just let it build up explode. When I was home I talked to my sister for comfort and he asked my friends if he had seen me through FB because he left his phone in my car. He emailed me from the laptop and I told him I was at home and he talked crap then talked to someone at church who he trusted about everything and I guess that helped a lot because when I came back he cleaned up the house, ran me a bath and was folding clothes. He had been doing that this entire time he’s had no job which I was thankful for but it really hurt me when he threw that water on me... and he left the apartment but he wants to work things out and I’m on the fence about it cause I was butt hurt about the water ordeal 😭 I still love him but I just don’t want anymore drama. But I’ve also told myself that if we are to get back together, then he needs some counseling because his anger is through the roof. He doesn’t have any persistent support from family, his dad is on drugs and his mom cut him off because he asked her back for $50 that he loaned her. His older two sister isolated themselves and his other sister just tries to use him. What do y’all think ?🤔