Miscarriage 10 weeks


Last Wednesday I started to bleed a little but was in no pain, Dr said wait and see. Thursday morning bleeding got heavier, I was in denial and went to work. But I started to get pain and bleeding got worse and my midwife got me an emergency scan. Before I got to the hospital I passed some tissue and I knew, but I didn’t want to believe it. We got to the hospital and I had an internal scan and the nurse confirmed I was going through a miscarriage - I miscarried at 10 weeks 😭😢😞 we had started getting excited, and dared to start thinking about baby names and think of us as a 3. We had been ttc for a year and a half and this has broken our hearts. The nurses gave us a moment at the hospital and we cried our hearts out. I feel so empty. The emotions are so confusing. In moments that I feel ok I’m also feeling guilty for not being upset or crying. I hate this.