Baby won’t stop crying! Help!


Ok ladies I have no idea what’s going on with my son who is now 8.5 months old. I gave him at bottle around 630 and some food. Normal bedtime routine. Usually I put him down for bed around 7 while he is still awake and just give him his pacifier and he never cries and falls asleep within 5 min.

Well tonight, he has been crying hysterically for 30 min on and off! This has never happened. EVER. Even with sleep training at 3 months old he cried for maybe 10 min tops! So this is very out of the norm for us which concerns me.

I picked him up to cuddle him after 10 min and gave him some teething gel and his chew toy and he refused it. So I guess its not teething. Then I gave him 3 more oz of milk (because he usually only cries when he’s hungry) and he finished only 2oz of it but started crying again!

He doesn’t have a fever. And he doesn’t have a rash or anything.

I did give him a different brand food pouch for dinner so idk if his tummy is upset? That’s the only thing different about today that I can think of.

I have no idea what to do! We are staying in a. Hotel right now traveling so I can’t take him to pediatrician. I have always known what to do to console my son so right now I feel completely helpless!! 😢