Heartbroken 😫

Alex • army wife ♥️ Married to my perfect husband🥰 Blunt and honest 🤗

My fiancé is stationed in Louisiana atm and I’m in California. He comes back to get married to me September 1st. We leave the next day at 6am for Louisiana where we will be staying in a hotel for a few weeks until we move into house on base.

Here’s where I’m heartbroken. He was told that October 1st they’re sending him to the border.... He’s livid because we will just be getting settled into our house when he leaves. Not to mention, I’ve always lived with my parents (paid rent) and now as he said, I’m being dumped in a new house in Louisiana where I’ve never been and then he’s leaving me. I also don’t drive currently due to health issues. He feels awful that I’m going to be stuck at home for three months while he’s gone. Not to mention he will miss my birthday on the 4th of October and I won’t be with him on his birthday either. I’m so upset and don’t know what I’m going to do with all this time on my hands while he’s gone. Any advice or tips would be appreciated. 😞

I’m used to being away from him so I know how that feels already but I’m having a hard time knowing we will be brandy moved in to our new house and he will leave right away.