Have you ever been fascinated by someone?

It's so weird what's happening...

She's in my class and she's just amazing.

She's perfect, pretty, clever, funny, friendly, sociable, has a lot a friends, her bf is adorable and seems to be like her 😅

She has no enemies, everybody loves her.

At 8am she goes riding, doing competions. Then she goes in class. The evening she sings and performs.

She handles all that so well, she's in the top 3 in class. She has everything for her, she experiences so much.

First I just wanted to hang out with her, spend all my time with her. After a year, I'm more focused on myself and maybe a bit tired of her company don't know haha (im not really sociable haha)

Im straight, not in love with her but...how to explain that???

Have you ever felt that before (for a girl or boy)??