Do you ever think back


Do you ever just think back to when you first got that positive pregnancy test? Can you believe our babies are already 14 months old now? I remember I got my first positive on September 20, 2017. I was like "holy crap we did it!" I remember just being over the moon! It was on our 4th month trying and our first and only month using pre-seed. I was due June 2nd, but I was induced a week early, and my June baby became a May baby on May 26th! We had our baby Noelle Rose. We've been trying for 5 months now for our second (and have no clue why it's taking longer this time), so I guess I've just been getting all nostalgic. 😊 What were some of your stories with your May baby? Do you remember how/when you found out? What were your most memorable parts of your pregnancy?