This is my first pregnancy so I’m googling EVERYTHING. I haven’t had too many symptoms. Im currently 5 weeks and 6 days and mostly feel exhausted, my boobs have definitely grown, hungry hungry hungry. But consistently that’s it. I’m constantly worrying myself that the 4 tests I’ve taken were somehow lying to me because I don’t have any other symptoms. Tonight however, it’s like my stomach is sore. I wouldn’t necessarily say cramps but it’s a weird feeling. I’m also constipated from what I’m guessing is the prenatal vitamins I’ve been taking...again first pregnancy so who knows. My doctors appointment isn’t until 08/19 and I have no clue how I’m going to make it that long. I’m always worrying about having a miscarriage. For instance like right now with this weird stomach “soreness.” Please someone tell me I’m not the only one losing it! Lol also if y’all have ANY advice or knowledge it is very much appreciated!!!