Advice please!!!

Laura 🇬🇧 • One son 13/03/2005, had Ectopic and lost baby on 12th Feb2014 ❤️ 2nd ectopic baby lost Nov2014, had Darling daughter on 7/2/2017 ❤️ Early/Chemical Miscarriage Feb 2023
So I had my left tube removed last Wednesday. Bleeding has stopped and according to the leaflet we can resume having sex now. Because we want to wait to TTC until it's safe (2-3mths) we discussed birth control. We agreed there is no point using the pill as only short time period and other half doesn't like condoms but we tried tonight and it just didn't work for him so we stopped without him 'finishing' now I feel crap because I can't do one thing for him. Any advice on what we should do? He was saying it felt like he was getting no thrust like he normally would using nothing. Please advise