Driving Myself Crazy... Symptom Spotting

I feel like I am going crazy! I have been spotting early pregnancy symptoms since last month but I am not TTC. I am on the pill! This all started last month when I decided to do a diet called the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse. It's a cleanse die that has you eat tons of fruits and veggies and no/low carb, high protein. 3 days after finishing the diet I had brown discharge. This was a week and a half before my AF was supposed to visit. During this time I was exhausted, lost my appetite most days, nauseated, cramps, and irritable. I started googling everything which all came up with early pregnancy symptoms. Then my AF came. It was extremely light and lasted on 3 days. It usually lasts 5 days. This month I am having similar symptoms. My breasts feel like sandbags, I'm cramping, and don't really have an appetite. Like I said in the beginning my DH and I are not TTC. We would be happy if we got pregnant but we just got married in October so we are just enjoying being newlyweds. Am I the only person racking my brain each month and thinking everything is a sign of a baby? It's so frustrating feeling like I'm going crazy.