It’s not funny that people are afraid

Trigger warning: I just saw a video in time square where people heard a motorcycle backfire and everyone confused it for gunshots and it caused mass panic and people started running, screaming, dropped to the ground and were calling 911. There’s more than a thousand people laughing at that.

It’s not funny. People are scared that they’re gonna get shot, I have been scared too and now I realized that I’m not the only one. A lot of the comments are “get a gun and you won’t be so scared.” Okay well usually these shooters are using assault rifles and I can’t carry one of those around. You really expect me to go hand and hand with an AK-47, with a pistol I hide under my bra while I’m being shot at and can’t even tell what direction it’s coming from in a massive crowd of panicked people? My gun makes me feel safer yes, but in that situation my chances of living are better if I run fast and I’m not about to stand there and wait for a clear view of the shooter so I can shoot him especially if I have kids with me. I’m picking them up and I’m bolting for the nearest safe place. My point is, if you don’t see yourself as Superman this shit is fucking scary. It’s not something to laugh at or joke about and I get that it’s happening in countries all over the world and that we are nothing special or too good for this but 5 years ago we didn’t have fear like this and we should raise our standards. It’s not okay in other countries and it’s not okay here or anywhere. People should not be afraid to be in public. People shouldn’t be dying while they’re protecting their newborn babies. God I am so sick of this shit.