Wheat allergy - how to manage


We gave my daughter wheat bread for the first time around 7-8 months old and she broke out in hives. Doctor said to hold off until her 1-year appt. Well today was her one year appt...we gave her wheat bread at the doctor's office and sure enough, she got a big hive on the side of her face. Doctor gave her Benadryl and said no wheat until she's 2 years old at which point we'll introduce it again to see if the allergy is still there. He said she could have it for years...we don't really know yet.

Does anyone have a child with a wheat allergy? What do they eat? How do you manage the allergy with eating out, vacations, etc? Feeling slightly overwhelmed at the moment, & bummed that she can't have more variety in her diet. Plus wheat is in sooo many things. I have no idea what I'll give her for snacks.