"Is Cheating Okay?", "I cheated", "I feel bad now, I cheated"πŸ™ƒ

Leandra β€’ Expecting our first boy😍, happily married, 19 years old, Strayer university student, tennessee gal!❀ blessed mama!

NO, it is not okay to cheat.

There is NO reason to cheat.

There is NO excuse to cheat.

You made that decision yourself. You know what would happen, you are grown. You ruined the relationship you had. You betrayed your spouse. You ruined their trust. You crushed them. You caused their insecurities now.

If you plan to cheat on someone, you don't need a relationship period. They deserve so much better than that. No one deserves to be cheated on and being played.

If you are not happy, LEAVE.

Cheating.πŸ‘ Is.πŸ‘ A.πŸ‘ Choice.πŸ‘