What would you do?

kind of long sorry

So when I first met my boyfriend I was an exotic dancer. He knew that before we started dating and he accepted it. He even went out his way to buy me some new shoes to dance in. As time passed dude started acting bitter towards me and ultimately we ended up arguing about it until I just decided to stop because I was tired of being talked down on. He called me all types of hoes, prostitutes, etc. I asked him how come he didn’t say something months prior when I straight up told him I was a dancer. You know what he said? “At first I was just thinking about how I could trick you out your money but then I caught feelings for you so now I don’t want my girl dancing.” 😐😐 I didn’t take it to heart I brushed it off and told myself he didn’t mean that. I got a job and just did whatever would make him happy. So fast forward after a few months and a couple different jobs. I’ve been working at my current job for about 6 months now. I’ve been considering dancing again because my current job is literally only enough money to pay my bills and I don’t even have a car (I’m 20). He’s told me multiple times now he doesn’t want to date a hoe or the girl any guy can walk in touch and see naked....and if I start dancing again he will leave me. I normally sympathized with him in the past because I don’t want to be alone. I’m just tired of living the way we live. We pay $700 a month to sleep in a shared room on a mattress in my moms house. My reasoning for wanting to dance again isn’t to make a career out of it I just want to get a car I can afford and save enough money to move out. He will literally go to work for an HOUR and come home some days and he only works 3 days out of the week (He’s 22). If you were in my situation what wiuld you do? Cut your losses and take care of yourself? Or continue to struggle because of somebody else’s pride?

Sidenote: I began dancing when I was 18 on and off because my mom moved out. She left me and all 4 of my siblings...I just wanted to help my stepdad. After she came back I stopped for a while.