Is 9 Months too old to breastfeed?


My baby just turned 9 months, and we’re still breastfeeding. He is eating solid foods well and loves them! We’ve been spending vacation time with family, and I’m getting some negative breastfeeding vibes from everyone. My husband keeps telling me he doesn’t want me to breastfeed once it’s “weird”, which seems to have a fluid age range. My mother in law told me I should quit. My sister told me I should only breast feed in the car if we are in public, or only at home. A friend told me that most of her friends were tired of breastfeeding at 9 months.

I’m feeling sad and discouraged. I love feeding him! It’s easy, free, and a good bonding time for us. I’m glad that he is doing well with foods and I’m glad that he is able to rely less on milk, but I don’t see why I should quit giving him my milk and switch over to formula. I honestly planned to breastfeed for at least a year.

When do most people stop breast feeding?