Boyfriend problems

My boyfriend always goes out and does fun things with his brother or his friends - which would be absolutely fine if it wasn’t every single time. Anytime I want to see a film, he’ll go see it with them. Anytime he has a free weekend, he spends it with them out at a bar and whatever else. Anytime there’s a gig I was to go to, he goes with them. Even just little things like going to get food or going bowling he’ll always go with them. All he ever does with me is sit in and watch tv - not even exaggerating!! We’ve not gone out somewhere except the supermarket in about three months lol.

I’ve brought it up to him soooo many times - like why am I not good enough to get to do the good stuff even though I always ask?

So much so, I brought it up to him again this morning and he completely dismissed me!! Like very very rudely. Then I received this tonight!!!!! I’m so angry and he’ll likely ignore my messages until tomorrow 🙃

Getting sick of it