How do you meet in the middle

Katie • My name is Kate and I just gave birth to our beautiful daughter February 17th 2016. She is our world and we couldn`t feel anymore blessed❤ I am currently pregnant with our July 2018 baby!

So my husband seems dead set on not having another baby...I get it...two kids is a lot! But I haven’t quite made my mind up and so we fall on different sides of the fence. Most days my two keep so busy I can’t even fathom a 3rd. When they go to bed and I have silence for the night though the thought creeps in...a lot. Sometimes I feel I must be crazy to think of starting over again and doing all this tiny human stuff all over but then there are times I long for it. People always ask me if we are going to have a 3rd and my response is always “I’ll never say no to another baby or the possibility of another baby”. One half of me can’t wait to feel like me again and gain some of my old self back(peeing alone, eating all of my own food etc) but the other half of me wants just one more to love. How do I meet my husband in the middle? How do we find a common ground? Will this ache pass and I’ll be content with just having 2? We have a 3.5 year old and a 1 year old. They are my entire world