Irritated? Anyone else?

I’m just honestly fed up with being pregnant. I’m 33 weeks today, and for the past two weeks I just feel like I wake up with a hangover (headache, weak, nauseas, irritable), and I always have the worst heartburn ever. I take Zofran and Zantac in the morning to help, and within an hour I’m feeling somewhat better, but then I have this rib pain that feels like gas trapped in my ribs, and the headache is still there. I try to drink plenty of water, because it honestly feels like a hangover headache when you’re just dehydrated and need water, and it’s hit or miss if that works. And then I’m just irritable the rest of the day. I have zero patience, and then I get annoyed at myself for getting so angry so easily. I don’t even want to talk about the pelvic and back pain. I’m just so done y’all, seven more weeks of this and I just want to cry. 😩