How can I fix this?

My partner has two kids from a previous relationship, they’re 8 and 7, we have our first baby due end of next month, we now live at opposite ends of the country to the kids because of military postings.

His ex is nice I get on with her well, she lets me see and call the kids whilst he is deployed and such and I’ve taken on the role of step mum pretty well given that I’m only 24.

We’ve picked the kids up this week to give their mum a break and see them before they go back to school. And I’m starting to resent them, they’re lovely kids, I don’t know if it’s because I’m so tired with the pregnancy (as I am struggling) or if it’s something deeper rooted but I want to fix how I feel.

I’d never let the kids or my partner know the truth. But I’m getting stressed because they’re getting bored and want to go out and do things everyday that cost so much money. We don’t have it, but when it comes to money his ex can get quite mean like last time we had them for three days, we went to the park, swimming and the cinema. And her response was is that all you did with them that’s so boring!

My partner is trying to keep them entertained but the weather is also miserable this week which I guess doesn’t help

I know I sound like a monster and I don’t want to feel this way! Help!