My partner and I are currently not speaking... immature I guess but I’m angry and can’t deal with arguing right now.

We had a disagreement about an hour ago and I don’t know if I’m right to feel mad or if it’s me that’s In the wrong.

Our two year old girl has sensory problems, she doesn’t speak yet we have problems around feeding and eye contact and the doctors are concerned with her social development and suspect she has asd.

My other half was trying to get her to sit in her high chair for dinner and she was refusing to sit down, my partner then screamed in her face with anger. Which made me jump from across the room and set our daughter off into a full meltdown.

I know I shouldn’t have said it in front of my daughter but I spoke up and said “babe you’ve just screamed inches away from her face, it even made me jump”

I then went over to try and help settle her down ( I was firm with her I held her chest and made her sit until she’d stopped crying then fed her dinner to her) she wasn’t allowed down until she had eaten.

My other half then told me I’m taking over and that it’s my fault our daughter is a little bastard.

This was in front of her aswell.

Am I wrong to feel angry? Should I have just said nothing?

I hate arguing but I just feel that maybe everyone got a bit wound up and calling a child a bastard in front of them is just crossing a line.