Can someone give me advice please??

Hey Everyone,

Today I went to my friend house to visit today. She hardly paid any attention whatsoever. She has 3 kids one 6,4,2. She spent about 2 hours on the phone video chatting a guy in a different state that she’s dating/never met. Meanwhile the kids were running everywhere. All over the house, and running all outside. House is near the street. I told them to come back but they didn’t and I told her she said oh well. The kids were getting into alot of stuff. They were playing in the fish tank trying to put things in it she kept telling them to stop, but was still on video chat. All of the kids asked for water and something to eat she said not right now. 4 days ago I came over as well. These kids have the same clothes on. They weren’t bathed. She lives with other people in the house so its not her house. Its 4 other adults there with 5 other kids... Kiddos have a place to sleep, they’re in a living room on futons. One little boy sat on the couch today, he said itchy. I looked at his back.... A bed bug was stuck inside of his shirt. I nearly jumped out my skin. I pulled the couch cushin up there was thousands!! I told that to her she said yeah I know about them we had them over a year now..... I wish she would pay attention to the kids ive tried talking to her it wont work. What should i do????? She has more time for her online bf than her kids