Brailey β€’

Ever been SUPER successful with a goal for a vacation β›± and then had no motivation after?

This is so MUCH MORE common than you think. πŸ’

And that's because we NEED a target πŸ“to shoot for. When we lack purpose, we lack drive and that's why so many people find it challenging to get the motivation to achieve their goals. If you don't have a goal that you've written out and that's real, you'll have a hard time driving towards anything.

And that's why I LOVE fitness challenges.

Challenges can be completing a fitness program, completing a nutrition program or just completing 100 workouts. A challenge is a specific behaviour you commit to for a specific period of time.

That's when I'm at my best (**and when MOST people are). When I have a timeline and I am 100% clear on what I need to do to be successful, it's EASY to EXECUTE.

What about you?

How do you keep your motivation up to achieve your goals?