Polyamory / Jealousy


Trying to work through some jealousy that came up for me recently. The guy I’m seeing has another gf, who happens to be in an open marriage. I’m not threatened by her but he recently gave me some details about what they do together. I should mention that I’m casually dating other girls but he’s the only serious thing I have going on currently.

Until recently him and I have had a more sexual relationship but the emotions were always there. Recently he told me he loved me so I know I’m important to him. It’s been about 7 months since we started seeing each other and we haven’t gone a single date. Ive made a few attempts to spend time together outside the house but all 3 times haven’t worked out. Either because he didn’t realize it was a date, wasn’t in the mood or had other plans..

I guess I’m jealous because he told me all the stuff he does with his other gf, how they go biking, shopping, see shows together.. I mean it’s possible it could be her arranging all these plans for them. And she never sleeps over there cause she’s married so I get why they only hang out in the day. It just feels shitty that they go on all these adventures and he doesn’t make an effort to change it up with me. All we do is smoke weed and chill and have sex. It’s great but the lack of effort on his part to change things up is kind of getting to me.

I brought it up last time we hung out and he agreed to do something outside of the house together.. but I’m still bothered and don’t think he’ll actually go out of his way..

Should I wait for him to take initiative? Or try to set something up again? I really feel like we have a valuable connection but sometimes I feel like he’s breadcrumming, giving me just enough to keep me around. He’s also just a very private independent guy that’s not been in a long term relationship before.. so it could also be his lack of experience/thoughtfulness.. but he told me he does want something long term and serious when it makes sense for us both.

Idk what do you think ladies?