I don’t see how I’m this wrong

Katyie • Due 9/20/2019 Bella Marie 💕

My fiancé and I are expecting three weeks, Saturday I was at labor and delivery for painful contractions, they stopped it yadaa yadda, I wasn’t able to drive home because of the pain medicine. The next day I asked our neighbor if he could give me a ride to the hospital since I left my purse and keys in my car at the hospital, 10mins away. Asked all family and friends first no one could help out. Fiancé didn’t get off until 8pm at night and I have a five year old who needed to be fed. It just so happens that said day I was supposed to go grocery shopping, we had nothing to drink but soda. And nothing to really eat but snacks. I had to get to the store! Was I wrong for asking my neighbor??