Long birth story but Little Man is finally here!

Samantha • 26 years old. Married 4+ yrs. || 8/25/19 💙

I apologize in advance at How long this is going to be. It was definitely a crazy ride.

Friday I got off work for last shift before leave at 10pm. The next morning, I woke up and went with my mom, step dad, and brother to Cracker Barrel for breakfast then we walked around a couple stores because I wanted to put together a gift basket for the nurses. By time I got home, it was 1pm and Mama needed a nap.

At 2:08pm, I awoke from my nap. Something felt a little off but figured I just needed to use the bathroom. I finished going when I had realized my underwear was pretty damp. I stood up and was immediately standing in a puddle. My first thought was that maybe I wasn't finished going to the bathroom so I sat back down for a few. I wasn't having any contractions so I figured I had just peed myself. I stood up again and was immediately standing in,another puddle and it kept dropping down my leg. That was when I realized my water broke. I was only 38+4.

Once we were at the hospital, we got all hooked up. I still wasn't feeling contractions at the time so we tried walking and the peanut ball (which sucks btw). Still nothing. By now it was 8:30pm so they started me on pitocin. By 2am, I caved and got the epidural. Best thing ever, i couldn't even feel her put it in. By time 6am rolled around, I was 4 cm. Finally, progress! I started to go up a cm every hour until 11am (Sunday morning) I was finally at 9cm and 80% effaced. Dr had us convinced we would start pushing by noon. Well noon came around. Then 1pm, 2pm, and next thing we know, it is 5pm. I stopped dilating at 9. The epidural had worn off on my left side and I was beyond miserable. So Dr came in,and said it was time for Plan B. A c-section. Honestly, I was so exhausted and had been in labor for 27 hours by now that I was ready todo whatever to get little man out.

They did the spinal tap and laid me on the OR table. I slept through it until I heard the cries of our first born. He has such a set of lungs on him. Then sent him and my husband back to my room while they stitched me up for the next hour. I didn't get my hour skin to skin that I wanted but my husband got to so I am beyond grateful that our LO had one of us there. Well it turns out, LO was facing upward and trying to come out nose first because he was stuck in my hips. They weren't wide enough for him.

Grayson Wayde was born 6pm. On August 25th. 8 lbs and 3 oz. 21 inches long.

I am so in love with our baby boy. 😍😍

I wouldn't trade anything for him. It was worth the hours of agony.