Giving my mom her own medicine back

I had to move back home and it hasn’t been bad, but recently we’ve been at it. My mom is more controlling and uptight and compared to her I seem lazy in her eyes. She’s rude and never asks politely and I know it’s her house, but damn, I will not accept insulting comments no matter who it’s from. On the weekend she made a big deal about my bathroom and On Monday (today) I was suppose to clean it. I cleaned it yesterday and did my pets potties as well. Nothing is to her standard ever so she made a big deal about things not being cleaned. Suddenly more stuff was added to the list like my room. Then she commented how she wants to get the house appraised 🙄 Before I moved back would’ve been the perfect time but suddenly now it needs to be done. The tub needs to be replaced and the towel hanger fell off the wall leaving a little hole and my bunny chewed the entire bedrooms carpet couple years ago. A podcast I listened to, they interviewed a former FBI agent and his tactic was always repeat back what the person said but in a question form. So I did, and included some extra stuff like I can go to the hardware store and pick out carpet and tub and hire movers to clear out the room (that’s hoarding unused furniture). Was it extra? Ya. But sometimes the shit she says is so over the top and hurtful and it took me years to unfuck myself from childhood trauma from her. I’m not accepting that shit anymore. If she has a problem, she can talk to me instead of insulting me and lying. Just wanted to share, but if you have a moment similar where you finally were able to give the person back their own medicine, feel free to share