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My husband currently works from home and I have a job with a great company that I love. My job also comes along with fantastic benefits. We both make decent salaries, although we are not rich by any means. We are comfortable though. Both of our extended families live in our current state which is great, and our 1-year old gets to grow up knowing all her grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

My husband's company wants to relocate him to another state which is a 3-hour plane ride away. He would be making 6 figures along with owning up to 10% of the company. This could result in a huge income for us down the road. However, the state isn't particularly interesting and there's not much for us there in my opinion. The money is the only positive. We'd be far from our families, wouldn't get to celebrate birthdays and small holidays with them, and would have to fly there for the bigger holidays.

If we stay where we are currently, nothing changes. My husband would still have his current job....just wouldn't have the massive pay increase. I want what's best for our daughter (and future babies) as well as our whole family but I am really stuck. Any advice would be hugely appreciated.

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