My daughter’s dad (Father Appreciation)


He is just so in love with his baby girl already, I swear it’s the cutest thing ever🥰 if there was an award for most kisses to an unborn baby he’d win hands down😂 I swear it’s like he just can’t stay away from my belly. He literally holds my belly all night, kisses it, and talks to her all day. I love it so much she knows who her daddy is already because when he’s around her little kicks turn into flips and twist and all kind of things😂😂 oh and let me not forget if he’s not around at night I cannot sleep at all😩 he’s so loving and caring for me and our baby girl😭 I’m literally crying typing this😂 sorry guys I’m just so loving my pregnancy and the way it’s brought me and him so much closer😭🥰🥰 I couldn’t ask for a better person to be sharing this beautiful little person with. I love him so much.

I just wanted to show appreciation to him because I hardly ever see any post about the men who help make these beautiful blessings we carry. I’d love to read you ladies story. Feel free to leave a cute message of appreciation to your child’s father. Happy pregnancy to you all😘