Ungrateful *update*

So I’m 7 months pregnant with my second and we’re having a celebration but not a baby shower. Well, this girl that is 25 is one month ahead of me and she had a baby shower. I tried to stay to her registry. She’s a first time mom so I know how that feels. I got the baby bath she wanted, a baby carrier she wanted, and the soaps and she wash clothes she wanted. I decided to do one of those cute baby baths filled with the baby shower gifts type things. I put in some rubber duckies (ones that don’t have holes bc the big controversy over the mold in it), pacifiers, the wash clothes and soap, and a few baby bath toys and books. It looked super cute and at the bottom I lined it with baby wipe packs to make it taller.

She didn’t have a certain brand of wipes on her registry so I just got some huggies and pampers. She had those brand diapers on her registry so I figured that’d be fine. Then I bought 2 different sizes of diapers and just put it in a bag separately.

Well when she got to my gift she started taking it all out. Which I didn’t expect her to cause I mean you could see it all without taking it out. She was happy about it until she got to the wipes. She looked at her boyfriend and said “well I guess we can use these to wipe our a$$ cause my child is not using these.” 😳 I just sat there trying to figure out if they were kidding or not. The she THREW the wipes to the side where she was putting all the trash. My husband was telling me “stay calm.” And the girl looked at me and smirked. So after she’s done with all the other gifts her mom grabs the wipes and started to put them with other gifts. The girl tells her mom “no I don’t want that, it’s trash! I’m not using those brands on my child” mind you she got the same brands in diapers and didn’t complain. Her mom tells her she’s overreacting, they’re just as good as other brands. Girl says that I’m wrong for giving her them. And I go up there and tell her I will gladly take them back since it’s such a problem. & I take the wipes from the table and me and my husband leave.

I know I’m not trippen, that was completely overboard. And I don’t feel bad taking them back. I honestly had half the mind to take back the other stuff too but I just wanted to get out of there. She recently texted me that she wasn’t going to be at our celebration because I was very disrespectful. All I replied was “you’re not invited anymore anyways. Have a blessed one.” And blocked her.


Her boyfriend called and I blocked his number as well. My husband messaged me saying her boyfriend messaged him apologizing and saying that he was so embarrassed and didn’t know what to say at the time. But that he had a pretty big argument with her and her mom did too. And that he would pass by our house and leave a card in the mail with money to help reimburse us for the gift. He felt bad keeping it after she made a scene. I have cameras that alert us if anyone is near our house, so I guess I’ll see if he comes or not. I really don’t care about the money but I’ll take it happily. 🤷🏻‍♀️