What should I do


* This boy at school played me and all his friends and other people were in on it

* sophomore year he touched my butt

* junior year he said he would hit me in the hallway

* I heard him make a joke about rape

* He makes me very uncomfortable and scared

* When he got a gf they would laugh at me

* He tried to get me kicked out of the group chat at school because I sent a meme

* He’s always touching girls at school

* He made a GoFundMe to scam people into getting him a car

* He admitted to throwing a quarter at a boy then got suspended for it because the boys Jewish

* He would sit behind me in class and pay attention to everything I did and got his friends to do it too

* His friends told me to text him sophomore year and I did and he was really rude then ‘his friend’ texted me to fuck off

* One of his friends this year laughed at me because of my weave and took a picture of me and he laughed at it too (he wasn’t even in the same lunch period as me but he comes in anyway)

* He stares at my butt and crotch a lot

* His gf posts him more than he posts her

* He told me to stop texting him but he continued to text me repeatedly

* When I didn’t answer him he started hitting at the door of the room I was in at school

* He would watch me walk down the halls at school

* The teachers don’t like him that much

*in middle school he threw rocks at someone on the school yard

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