I’m concerned & wanting similar stories that turned out fine!

Please note: I do have an appointment to see her doctor tomorrow. But for the meantime, I just need some similar stories that turned out to be A Ok!

So, this is my son at 4, 5 & 6 months old. EVERYTHING did and still does go in his mouth...

And now, here’s my daughter, who doesn’t put anything in her mouth. She either just plays with it for a few seconds, then drops it, or just drops it immediately. I gave her blueberries in a mesh net once, and she put that in her mouth and sucked once I showed her. But she won’t do that with toys, a teething rusk or carrot! - and Google (I know, Dr Google!) says that babies should be putting things in their mouths at this age, it’s a ‘bad’ sign if they don’t.

So has anyone else’s child done this, then started putting things in their mouth eventually, or did they grow up to eat and talk fine without doing so?