Mirena pregnancy?


Idk what is going on with my body. I have had the mirena 10 months now, period regular every month and on time. My period is now 11 days late. I had very faint pink spotting when I wiped on the 17th but only once. Then nothing until yesterday, again light, faint pink spotting when I wiped once. Ive had sore boobs, sensitive nipples. Heavy belly feeling, metallic taste in my mouth. All signs for me of early pregnancy. Ive taken a bunch of tests. A couple looked like very faint positives. I know its rare to get prego on the mirena. I know i could be giving myself phantom symptoms. I also know the Mirena can stop periods. This is my 3rd mirena. The first 2 stopped my periods with in 2 months. I should note that my first child was conceived while on the depo shot as well. I didnt find out I was prego with him until 10 weeks. Urine and blood tests kept coming back as negative. Any thoughts from anyone?