he kept trying.. (sorry if this is a lot to read)

so yesterday after school my boyfriend of 9 months and i went to the movies together and sat in the same seat to cuddle and watch the movie just like we always do. during the movie, he asked if he could go downtown (which means touching my vagina) and i told him no, he stopped at that point but then he asked “if i go down, can you go down for me as well?” and i told him no again and he kept trying to convince me and asked me if i’m still not ready (we’ve talked about it in the past how i’m not ready for anything sexual and he said he was willing to wait) and he also tried convincing me by saying things like “i won’t see anything” and “no one is going to see” and i still told him no so he stopped again. then he asked for a THIRD TIME “is there any way for me to go down?” and i told him no so he stopped again. then he tried again but he decided to literally start to go down and say “wish me luck” and tugged at my pants but came back up (he was probably just kidding and messing around) but i said “god, do you not know what no means” and he responded in “i’m sorry, i’m just horny”. and i’m pretty sure he tried again after that, but i don’t remember. he eventually stopped and all of that triggered my anxiety a bit. he made me feel really uncomfortable and he’s usually the one that comforts me the most but that was the first time he’s ever made me feel uncomfortable. i just wanted to get up and leave after all of that because i made it very clear that i don’t want any of that but he still kept trying. he’s asked in the past if he could go down in the movies but he would only ask once and when i said no he wouldn’t ask again. it just seems like he’s not respecting what i said and it bugs me. i know i should talk about it to him but i’ll just let it slide for now. if he does it again then that’s when i’ll talk to him.

here’s a screenshot from where we talked about it. we’re both 15 and i just want to wait until i’m older and ready to do that kind of things so i don’t know why he keeps trying. :/