It was a long journey with my pregnancy

It was a long journey with my pregnancy. In my 2nd triemester I was diagnosed with preclampsia and gestational diabetes so I had to go to a lot of doctors appointments. Then in my 3rd trimester I was placed on bed rest so I couldnt work and was without a job. My blood pressure was still high and everyone was worried. I went in for a doctors appt and my BP was 204/104 so I was admitted into the hospital. Finally after nonitoring my BP for a couple of days they made the decision to go ahead and induce me for thr sake of my baby. I started the inducing process and her heart rate kept dropping everytime I had contractions so I was very close to having a C-section. But, finally her heart rate started leveling out and I was able to deliver vaginally with only 3 pushes! By the grace God my baby was out and healthy. She is breathing on her own and she does have to stay in the NICU because she was only 33 weeks but she is doing fine. We cant wait to bring her home and start our new journey together!!