Can he get my baby taken?

So I'm a bit over 7 weeks pregnant and the dads decided in the last few days he absolutely hates me and is telling people I'm crazy and he never slept with me even though we were together since may. 🙄

I keep getting phone calls non stop from strangers and harrassing messages because a girl that knows him hacked my facebook and found out I was pregnant and for some fucking reason feels the need to spread it even more.

After having a complete anxiety attack yesterday I texted him something along the lines of 'when the baby comes I'll just order paternity testing. We were so close now everyone's treating me like trash and I'm so sick of this life' so now he says if I order paternity hes going to tell them I'm suicidal and get the baby up for adoption. I'm not suicidal I'm sick of being harrassed when I didnt do anything wrong. Is that possible for him to do?