Hello ladies, I’ve been in an emotional roller coaster for the past few months, I’m 34 years old, I have no children, been married for 5 years and together for 11 years, I’ve been on a health kick attending the gym, eating right, taking vitamins and other supplements, I haven’t had my period in about 85 days, I have always been irregular, however, I feel that with my age I’m to the point where I should have already become a mommy, it makes me so sad to go in to the stores and see all this baby stuff and to constantly hear my family especially my mom and also my husbands family always asking me when I’m gonna have a baby, if it was my choice I would have already had a baby, it’s not something I don’t want to do, I love kids, I’m ready to be a mother, my husband wants to be a daddy, I just don’t understand why I have not got pregnant, I guess I just needed to come in here and vent as I feel there are some things that I can’t talk to my family about without getting over emotional 😭, I’m just not understanding what is wrong with me, I am over weight but I’ve seen ladies who are a lot bigger than me who were able to have children, I’ve done everything I can to get my period back on track and I have had no luck, I’ve also bought ovulation strips and have had ZERO luck as well, please tell me I’m not the only one