What could cause me to not ovulate??


Hi so a little bit of background, I’m 18 years old, been on and off birth control since I was 12 I’ve had the implant, pill, and iud but I’ve been off birth control for a while now. I have very irregular periods I’ll have no period for months then have 2 in one month that’s what just happened recently and I took ovulation strips and the line got darker and darker I took one at night and it was dark but not as dark as the control and the next day it was light so I’m assuming I had the positive overnight. Me and my SO do the deed every day or every other day all the time so I know I had sperm in me at all times during that time. I’m currently 11 DPO and a few days ago I was having stomach cramps, gas cramps, bloating, peeing more often, tender nipples, but that all stopped and now I’m having a pain in my ovaries area on the right side only but when I test I’m getting negatives using FMU and the easy@home early pregnancy test strips. Please help I really want the gift of creating a beautiful life inside me and raising and loving a child