Advice Needed

There’s this guys I’ve liked for a while. It’s been an on again/ off again friendship though. The first year we started to talk more and hangout a bit, I knew but didn’t say anything.m since I thought I could ignore it and it would go away. But it didn’t. The next year, I couldn’t deny I had feelings for him. It was obvious to me, no matter how much I denied it. Well, I told my friends and they encouraged me to pursue it. So I tried only for it to blow up in my face. It’s a long complicated story, so I’ll give you the short version. He got mad, blocked me, unblocked me, we were friends again, he got mad again, then we were friends again. And no matter what, I didn’t stop liking him. That went on for three years.

Now, all summer I haven’t really spoken to him, but this August, we talked some more and I feel myself falling again. He’s the first and only guy I’ve ever liked, yet it hurts just being his friend sometimes. He’s gone through a lot and I understand that, then again, I hate the way we’re on and off friends.

What should I do about this whole crush thing? I can’t stop being his friend. Then again, I can’t stop liking him unless I stop being around him. So, should I try to go for something one last time before it’s possibly our last year together?