I had the most amazing sex this weekend πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ˜©

So my man and I have were apart for about a week and we've been wanting each other like craaazy! Well this weekend by surprise, my man got us a room to spend some alone time together. I told him when He saw me the first thing i wanted him to do was eat me out. He agreed. Well as soon as we got to the room I told him i wanted to wash up before we got down to business, he wouldn't let me go. He pushed me on to the bed and started making out with me, telling me how bad he wanted me and how much he loved meβ€πŸ’¦. I kept telling him I wanted to go fix myself up so he could eat me out because I couldn't take it anymore. Everytime I would try to get up he would start kissing me even more & grabbing my ass to keep me still. He started to pull my pants off and I instantly got hella wetttt!! He couldn't take it any longer he pulled my thong to the side and whipped his big hard ass dick out and slowly started stroking until he was all the way in. I was moaning so loud and n he was breathing so hot n heavy in my ear😩 it was just so hot. He finished and then ate me out until I came on his lips!! Uhhh I love himπŸ™ˆjust had to share lolπŸ’–