MIL keeps trying to give my 4mo food 😠


She has already snuck & gave him Pedialyte without my permission now she’s trying to convince my sons dad to give him food so he can sleep longer 🙄 like that’s not how that works. The only reason she’s trying to put him on food is because he stayed up during the day basically all day with only a 30 minute nap (only fussed once) but he’s getting older & some days he’ll be up longer like idk what she expected. I also have him some prune juice since he was constipated & that made him poop 3 times that day so now she’s under the impression that his milk is just running through him when she knows his pooping isn’t consistent in the first place! I’m just so annoyed with her antics. I know some people start their babies on food at 4 mo but I’m not comfortable with it & don’t want to take any risks & I’ve told her that before so it’s frustrating to me that she keeps pushing. Just the way she handles herself I can tell she wishes my son was her baby