Just need to vent a little

I'm 33 I have 2 kids from previous relationship. I got preg on bc with my son and I got preg immediately when I decided to try with my daughter. Fast forward 9 years. I had mirena IUD since my daughter was 6 weeks old. I got it taken out 10/22/13 we thought we would try but not really focus all our energy and stress out but I'm stressed. I know it hasn't been very long especially compared to the stories I read but somehow I expected different. My cousin has 4 kids she got preg 3 years in a row on purpose. My sister had 3 kids in a row like it was nothing. I often think did I wait too long. My marriage ended and I waited until I was in a relationship again before deciding to try but it's like my body has gone crazy on me. Since I got the IUD out my cycle ranges from 29-31 days but the length of my period varies. The first 2 months it was 4 days the last 2 months it's been 2-3 days. The doc told me give it til march or April then we can look deeper into it. What! March or April this period thing is giving me anxiety. Today is day 28 of my cycle my boobs have been sore for a week so I assume AF will arrive as scheduled. I hope not though. I think I'm going to get a second opinion depending on how my period is this month.