September is Sepsis awareness month

Abi • 22- Mommy to baby Hugo 06.03.19👶🏻💙

Hugo was only 3 weeks old when I was rushed into hospital with sepsis. It was one of the scariest moments of my life.

We was just watching tv on Saturday night when all of a sudden I felt freezing cold and started shivering uncontrollably but I was actually boiling hot and sweating.

I knew something wasn’t right and I had been in and out it hospital since having Hugo saying I didn’t feel right but kept being turned away and told it’s probably just me being an anxious new mom.

I told Justin to call an ambulance and they came pretty quickly and told me straight away my heart rate was 150bpm and my temperature was 38.5 and I was marking for sepsis.

I got started on IV antibiotics immediately and rushed to A&E on blue lights and sirens which was terrifying in itself. Luckily I knew to get an ambulance or god knows what would of happened to me.

It turned out it was postpartum sepsis and I actually had leftover placenta left in me for almost a month!!!

It is so important to look out for the signs of sepsis and get help ASAP as it is a big killer and not enough people are aware of it including doctors and nurses.

I am lucky I got help quickly and treated when I did.