What do I do! I’m having a break down.

So I made a post yesterday about how my boyfriends mom wants to take our son over night this weekend to meet his uncle. Right off the bat I said no because she had all 4 of her kids taken away. Not to mention she let her oldest my boyfriend be beaten, burned with cigarettes and raped by multiple people. Well I told my boyfriend yesterday he can tell her no and tell her why. Then I get home today and he says “hes sleeping over Saturday” so I said who’s sleeping over Saturday thinking he’s talking about his uncle sleeping at our how and he says our son is sleeping at his moms house and he doesn’t want to hear nothing about it. Like what the fuck!! No he’s not!!! She couldn’t fucking keep you safe what the fuck makes you think she’s going to keep our son safe. He’s not comprehending this. Like wtf do I do! My son is not going!! Like how do I make it so he doesn’t give her my son for the night. Like this is making me fucking sick.