34 week preemie

LiLi • Mother of 2 boys & 👼🏼

Due to preeclampsia I had my baby today at 34 weeks. I had been having an on going headache that would go away with Tylenol but come back the next day. I also have been having swelling in my legs face hands! I was told the tingling and swelling in my hands could relate to carpal tunnel. But as the days went by this week it just didn’t feel right. So this morning I woke up with a migraine from the back of my eyes down to the back of my neck and I said okay let’s check my blood pressure.. it read 154/105 checked it again 5 minutes later 153/104 so I asked the pharmacist she said go in or call your doctor.. I came in and I’m glad I did because things just seemed to get worse.. anyways. Baby was born at 8:35 today weighing 6lbs 1 oz 16 inches 😋