I can't sleep...(update #1)


Seriously can't sleep to save my fucking life its 2:24 am and no matter what I have tried sleep will not happen...until basically there's no time left and i need to get up and take care of my other kids...I swear in the last week I have not slept more then 3 hours every day and I'm running on fumes im cranky and I have no patients for anyone.

Being this far along what are you ladies doing to help get you to sleep because I am soooooo at my wits end here. Not sleeping for a week is really shitty...

Like i feel like any moment I could do this! But the second I lay down nope. My body then says fuck you!

(Update) - well I tried the unisom, tried benadryl, tried chamomile tea, tried warm baths before bed tried rescue remedy, meditation before bed, deep breathing putting my electronics away a half hour before bed...nothing works for more then a day or two :/ 4:26 am on September the 15th and only two hours of sleep. I have never had pregnancy insomnia THIS bad before and its seriously impacting how I function during the day. 😭😭😭 I just wanna fucking sleep