Advice please


Hello Ladies,

So to summarise my TTC journey, we have been trying now for 4 years.

First year straight off birth control we got a BFP, by the time I'd got to the doctors I had a bleed, we were never sure if that was a chemical or something else. Mid point to our ttc journey we found out we were pregnant again. This time it was an ectopic that had ruptured and I lost my tube.

4 months after this another BFP this lead to a MMC.

6 months after we went in for further test and a laparoscopy and HSG - HSG showed partially blocked tube with extremely slow flow with endometriosis.

Since then we have tried many things to help clear everything up and move forward in hopes we can conceive our future child.

However recently in the last week I've found out both my sisters (who are younger) are both pregnant.

Obviously I was devasted and am still trying to process this.

Its lead me to feeling as if I need a break, I was potentially thinking of going back onto the pill for 3 months in hoping I can sort out my mental health.

I'm wondering how you ladies have coped in this situation if at all and did you find peace in going in this direction.