I’ve had 5 losses by age 20 (kinda venting)

The first I was 16 and was beaten until the man could assure the death of my baby.

The next was from IUD removal, I’ve had 1 molar pregnancy, and two lost within weeks 5 to 6.

My most recent loss was in August and it’s unbelievably painful. My boyfriend and I are actually trying to have a baby and it makes our hearts hurt so bad. I’m so scared to enter my 2 week wait. I’m scared for whatever it results in.

I finally got to see a specialized doctor and we know the cause of 3, so the other 2 are our main concern. She gave me hope. That doesn’t change the agony that comes with all these crazy emotions. I crave my rainbow baby and I want more than anything for this to be our time to finally find each other 🌈💔❤️

If you read this far thank you. Any words of wisdom are welcome and appreciated