Creepy little girl pregnancy prediction

So a little over 2 weeks ago my fiance and i did the deed without protection. We arent actively trying but we also arent trying to prevent it from happening. This past weekend i had pinching sensations that switched sides back and forth and then in the center. Ever since then I have been feeling exhausted in every sense of the word. Emotionally, physically, mentally... just exhausted. Im sleeping more as well and feel nauseated which results in me dry heaving and vomitting sometimes. Those are all the symptoms but can be explained by other factors so Im not convinced i am pregnant but something so strange happened to me yesterday. I work in a child care center in a school... i was out supervising at recess when a little girl i have never met before rubbed my belly and asked me if its my first baby. I was super embarassed and said "im not pregnant sweety" and she said "you are" i do not have a fat stomach or anything... my stomach is quite flat so there was no reason for her to come up and ask me about a baby. Im probably reading into it but its so strange and if i do end up being pregnant im going to be super weirded out by that little girl going forward.