Feeling baby?

💙Shadoe✨ • Just conceived our rainbow baby:) M/C in March 14 & chemical November 14... Going to marry the man of my dreams<3 After 14 months of trying finally got our BFP 8/7/15! Praying for a sticky baby🚼

I think i may have felt the baby for the first time last night! I am 13 weeks and 3 days with my first. I have been trying to pay close attention to any feelings i have in my belly to make sure i dont miss anything. Last night i was going to bed and felt this strange vibrating kind of fluttery feeling that ive never felt before. Could this actually be me feeling the baby this soon, or is it my imagination or gas or something? Im just so excited, but wanna make sure.

Any of you ladies experience early movement? And what did it feel like?